Electrolite is known for its experience and expertise in providing turnkey on energy efficient lighting products by using LED  lighting for Commercial, Industrial and Retail Facilities

Every  business owner’s primary goal is to increase profitability of their business.  Utility costs are an important part of business operational budgets. However, Profit can also be increased by lowering overhead costs by saving electricity costs. Lighting plays a major role and can make up anywhere from 40% – 70% of total electricity costs as  virtually all places inhabited by humans require light. In the past recent years, LED technology has revolutionized the lighting industry by significantly reducing lighting operational costs. Utility rates have increased consistently  and steadily  over the years, and will continue to do so with the aging infrastructure and high costs of generation.

The most best and effective  way to protect your business against unexpected increasing rates is by cutting down on usage and save energy and your cost. LED technology tackles this problem head on and can save up to 80% on energy usage, compared to conventional lighting systems such as Halogen, compact florescent, high pressure sodium and Halide.