About Us

We are a Canadian based company that has studied about LED lighting and has established in 2015. We specialize in providing and installing energy efficient LED lighting solutions to reduce electricity cost, usage and maintenance costs through our top leading brands of LED lighting products. We have highly knowledgeable staffs in this field who are specialized in LED lighting design, retrofit, lighting audits, and utility incentive programs.

Why Electrolite:

Because, Electrolite Canada is a direct importer of energy efficient LED lighting products, our products are very competitive in pricing with a full five year warranty and can save you a lot.

Government Incentives:

Thanks to incentive programs such as the Ontario Save-ON-Energy Program that funds up to 50% of your retrofit depending on the nature of business. Our customers are saving on average over $5,000.00 per month. Typical paybacks are under 1-2 years depending on projects, with average return-on-investments of 75% or more.